Mobile Art Teacher Workshop

Mobile Art Teacher Workshop

Meri Cherry Art Studio
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For the first time ever, Meri Cherry is sharing her unique knowledge surrounding teaching mobile Process Art classes in this exclusive workshop, and this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

If you love art, love working with kids, and are looking for an opportunity to pursue your passion, this one's for you!

Meri Cherry built her dream career by starting small: teaching Process Art playgroups and classes all around Los Angeles. After 20 years of teaching experience, including 7 years of training and managing mobile teachers in her signature style, Meri Cherry is THE expert in bringing the magic of Process Art to kids all over the world.

In this digital workshop, you will receive:

TEN Video Learning Modules

- Important Safety Tips
- Curriculum to Get You Started
- Why We Love Process Art
- Best Setup Practices & Packing For Class
- Pacing & Other Teaching Tips
- Best Cleanup Practices
- How to Market Yourself
- Legal Tips & Advice
- The Financial Side
- Interviews with Two Meri Cherry Mobile Teachers

PLUS the exact tools and resources our Mobile Teachers use to stay organized and on top of their game

- How To Talk To Kids About Art Making
- Essential Packing & Cleanup Checklist
- 5 Week Session Plan Template
- 5 Meri Cherry Lessons to Get You Started
- 10 Signature Invitations to Create
- Sample Liability Waiver
- Sample Roster Spreadsheet
- Class Signup Email Template
- Our Favorite Systems for Operations
- Sample Class Policies (including COVID-19 additions)
- Our Favorite Music Stations for Creating