What age is MC Camp in a Box and the I AM AN ARTIST Series recommended for?

Camp in a Box and the I AM AN ARTIST Series are recommended for ages 4-7. We do have 8 & 9 year olds who love it, but the instruction is geared a little younger. 

Do I need one kit per child, or can my kids share one Camp in a Box?

Camp in a Box kits are designed for one per child, though if your kids are super sharers, give it a try!

Do you ship internationally?

No, we only ship domestically at this time.

How long do the projects take to complete?

The instructional videos range from 15-30 minutes, and projects typically take 1-1.5 hours. Our superstar teachers encourage kids to pause the video and take their time on their work (because as we say, artists take their time to show they care about their artwork!)

Are you shipping Dollhouse Camp?

We are shipping the materials for the projects, but not the physical dollhouse. Our Dollhouse Camp projects were designed around the IKEA Flisat dollhouse, though any dollhouse will do!

I have a different question. How can I get in touch with you?

Email us at hello@mericherry.com, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.