Collaborative Mural Training | Downloadable Class

Collaborative Mural Training | Downloadable Class

Meri Cherry Art Studio
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Join us for a downloadable class presentation on one of our signature offers -- one we're most proud of, collaborative murals.

Meri Cherry teaches step-by-step how to create incredible collaborative murals for your friends, family or any group you want to connect with. 

During this workshop, we:
  • walk you through all the steps of creating a collaborative mural from start to finish
  • cover art materials we commonly use and recommend 
  • share a variety of painting techniques to add to your toolbox

This workshop is great for educators, studio owners, artists and process art enthusiasts alike. Come learn how to create connection and promote collaboration through the magic of process art.

And if you don't know about Meri Cherry yet, she built her dream career by starting small: teaching Process Art playgroups and classes all around Los Angeles. Meri Cherry has been running her own successful business for over 8 years and is THE expert in bringing the magic of Process Art to kids all over the world.

You will receive:

  • A link to view the pre-recorded class on Vimeo
  • A link to download the pre-recorded class

*This is an adult class -- not intended for children.

*This is a virtual class.

*All virtual class sales are final. All virtual event tickets sales are non-refundable and non-transferrable.